Experience Bold and Flavorful Sichuan Cuisine at Chuanjiang Haozi

Discover the vibrant and exhilarating flavors of Sichuan cuisine at Chuanjiang Haozi, a new restaurant located in the University City development. Formerly known as the beloved University City Fortune Chinese Restaurant, Chuanjiang Haozi brings back the renowned chef-owner, Jiahe Weng, and the friendly former staff who made Fortune a groundbreaking source of authentic Sichuan cuisine in Columbus.

Although Fortune had its charm as a dive, Chuanjiang Haozi offers a sleek and inviting ambiance. The spacious establishment is divided into three distinct sections, adorned with soothing gray and wooden hues. Whether you prefer group-friendly round tables with Lazy Susans or comfortable padded booths, all areas ensure fast service and a delightful dining experience.

The extensive menu at Chuanjiang Haozi showcases a wide variety of dishes, accompanied by glossy photos that pique your curiosity. Categories such as traditional cuisine, house signatures, vegetables, dry pot, and Chinese cuisine offer something for everyone. While “Chinese cuisine” includes American Chinese favorites like sesame chicken and beef with broccoli, it is in other sections that you will find the true essence of Sichuan cuisine.

For a taste of the bold and spicy flavors that Sichuan is famous for, venture into dishes like the dynamic and fiery cauliflower in dry pot. This mouthwatering dish combines soy, chili, pork-belly nubbins, sliced potato, and an impressively smoky “wok hei” character. Another standout is the mapo tofu, with its rich flavors of fermented soybeans and the numbing sensation of Sichuan peppercorns, perfectly balancing the heat from the chilies.

Don’t miss the signature braised beef brisket and bamboo shoots, which offers a zesty and aromatic experience with its five spice-scented stew. However, be prepared for its unique textures, as it features a combination of tender beef and crunchy bamboo shoots.

Without a doubt, a must-try dish at Chuanjiang Haozi is the deep-fried chicken with chile, also known as Chongqing chicken. This crowd-pleasing Sichuan classic is a delightful blend of crispy yet tender chicken nuggets, infused with bold flavors that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Experience the bold and flavorful journey of Sichuan cuisine at Chuanjiang Haozi. With its skilled chef and friendly staff, this restaurant promises an unforgettable culinary experience. Visit their website at chuanjianghaoziohio.com or head to 496 Ackerman Road, Northwest Columbus, to embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Chuanjiang Haozi?
Chuanjiang Haozi is a new restaurant located in the University City development that specializes in Sichuan cuisine.

2. What was the restaurant called before?
Chuanjiang Haozi was formerly known as University City Fortune Chinese Restaurant.

3. Who is the chef-owner of Chuanjiang Haozi?
Jiahe Weng, the renowned chef-owner, has returned to the restaurant.

4. How is the ambiance different from the previous restaurant?
Chuanjiang Haozi offers a sleek and inviting ambiance compared to the dive-like charm of the previous restaurant.

5. What can you find on the menu?
The menu at Chuanjiang Haozi includes a wide variety of dishes categorized into traditional cuisine, house signatures, vegetables, dry pot, and Chinese cuisine.

6. What are some must-try dishes?
For a taste of authentic Sichuan cuisine, try the fiery cauliflower in dry pot, mapo tofu, signature braised beef brisket with bamboo shoots, and the deep-fried chicken with chile (Chongqing chicken).

7. Where is Chuanjiang Haozi located?
Chuanjiang Haozi is located at 496 Ackerman Road, Northwest Columbus.

Key Terms:
– Sichuan cuisine: A style of Chinese cuisine originating from the Sichuan province, known for its bold and spicy flavors.
– Dry pot: A cooking method where ingredients are stir-fried and braised in a pot without a lot of sauce or broth.

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