Wong’s Wok: A Legacy Comes to an End

Wong’s Wok, a beloved Chinese chain restaurant that started in Milwaukee, has officially closed its doors, marking the end of a remarkable 45-year run. The family-owned restaurant once boasted an impressive 13 locations at its peak, but now, the last remaining Wong’s Wok has also shuttered.

Since its establishment in 1979, Wong’s Wok has been known for its fast food concept, specializing in traditional Cantonese dishes like egg foo young, sweet-and-sour chicken, and lo mein. The restaurant prided itself on offering a takeout-focused dining experience, with offerings like fried rice, sesame chicken, and crab rangoon.

The recently closed Wong’s Wok, located at 3702 S. 27th St., was still serving customers as early as January, as per online reviews. However, the building now stands devoid of its iconic signage, with a note in the drive-thru window simply stating, “restaurant closed.”

Originally founded by Edward Chin, Wong’s Wok has been passed down through multiple generations, and Jennifer Norvik, Chin’s daughter, has been the current owner of the business. The restaurant chain had also established a presence at Summerfest, being a regular vendor. It served festival-goers with delicious fried rice, sesame chicken, crab rangoon, and other popular dishes. As of now, Summerfest has not yet released its list of vendors for the 2024 event.

With Wong’s Wok’s closure, the proprietor is actively seeking new tenants for the restaurant space on the southside. The standalone building shares a parking lot with a strip mall housing various businesses, including Dollar Tree, an auto parts store, and a Chinese buffet restaurant. Moreover, just north of the property sits another Chinese restaurant, Panda Express.

While the final chapter of Wong’s Wok has closed, two previous locations have seen new developments. At 242 E. Capitol Dr., a proposed Dunkin’ is soon to take its place, while Mad Chicken has already opened its doors at 7424 W. Appleton Ave.

As for the future of Wong’s Wok, a representative declined to comment when approached for information. The lasting impact and fond memories left behind by this cherished restaurant will now live on in the hearts of its loyal customers.

FAQ Section

Q: When did Wong’s Wok close its doors?
A: Wong’s Wok officially closed its doors recently, marking the end of a 45-year run.

Q: What was Wong’s Wok known for?
A: Wong’s Wok specialized in traditional Cantonese dishes and offered a fast food concept with a focus on takeout. Some of its popular dishes included egg foo young, sweet-and-sour chicken, and lo mein.

Q: How many locations did Wong’s Wok have at its peak?
A: Wong’s Wok had a total of 13 locations at its peak.

Q: Who was the current owner of Wong’s Wok?
A: Jennifer Norvik, the daughter of Edward Chin, who founded Wong’s Wok, was the current owner of the business.

Q: Did Wong’s Wok have a presence at Summerfest?
A: Yes, Wong’s Wok was a regular vendor at Summerfest, where it served festival-goers with its delicious dishes. The list of vendors for the 2024 event has not been released yet.

Q: What is the future of Wong’s Wok?
A: The representative declined to comment on the future of Wong’s Wok. The restaurant space on the southside where Wong’s Wok was located is now seeking new tenants.

Key Terms/Jargon

1. Cantonese: A style of Chinese cuisine originating from the Guangdong province of South China, known for its diverse range of flavors and the use of fresh ingredients.

2. Egg foo young: A Chinese dish made with beaten eggs and various ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and/or seafood, which are then pan-fried.

3. Lo mein: A Chinese dish consisting of wheat noodles stir-fried with vegetables, meat, and/or seafood.

4. Takeout: The act of ordering food from a restaurant or eatery to be consumed outside of the premises, usually to be eaten at home or on the go.

5. Summerfest: An annual music festival held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, featuring various musical performances, food vendors, and other entertainment attractions.

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